Employment Bridge Program

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The employment

Bridge to Self-Sufficiency

Many motivated and hardworking individuals who we work with are faced with a lack of basic resources such as transportation, professional attire, and access to adequate shelter during the beginning of their journey. In the first month of the Coronavirus outbreak, SJW assisted 231 individuals obtain employment. Without shelter, these newly hired individuals will lose their jobs and remain in a vicious cycle of short-term employment followed again by continued homelessness. In response to this, SJW established the Employment Bridge, creating innovation within our space to ensure this truly can be the solution, ending homelessness for those who want to work and just need a hand up.

If you have just got a job, you may be eligible for housing at our Human Services Campus. Bring proof of employment and our team there can help place you with shelter.

Building a Foundation for Employment

All participants of The Employment Bridge receive all the resources we provide, as well as the following:

3 Months of Rent-Free Housing

Assistance Opening Checking & Savings Accounts

Budgeting and Financial Planning

Credit Repair Planning

Conflict Management Training

Long-Term Goal Setting