21st Century HealthCare cares about your health! A manufacturer of dietary supplements for the US Food and Drug marketplace and internationally, they’re committed to providing vitamins and nutritional supplements of unrivaled excellence, using only the finest ingredients. They are also dedicated to the health of our community and have been partnered with St. Joseph the Worker since 2019. We encourage you to visit Expedition Leader for the 2021 Hike for the Homeless, 21st Century.

Consistently ranked among the best companies to work for by FORTUNE magazine, Edward Jones serves nearly 7 million investors. Privately owned since 1922, their success is driven by their guiding principles of putting clients first and working to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of their families – much like St. Joseph the Worker! A true SJW champion since 2008, Edward Jones has consistently provided essential monetary, in kind and volunteer support.  We encourage you to visit Expedition Leader for the 2021 Hike for the Homeless, Edward Jones.


Getting People Jobs is Our Job

for over
30 Years

Regardless of the economic climate, we believe that there are always available jobs for those who are willing to work. That’s why St. Joseph the Worker is currently the largest 100% community funded employment organization in Arizona, responsible for employing more individuals in real, paying jobs than any other workforce organization in Arizona.


Our Impact

Despite the impact of the Coronavirus, we supported over 5,000 individuals last year! Check out our annual report to learn more.

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Meet Calvin

Calvin’s is one of the first success stories from SJW’s Employment Bridge Program, designed to help our employed clients who are living in shelters learn healthy budgeting techniques, improve their credit, and eventually move into independent housing. After 5 months in this program, Calvin payed off his debts, saved $8,000, and moved into his own apartment!

Meet Calvin

Abuse, medical debt, and poverty were things Calvin had become accustomed to after a workplace injury left him with an unpaid worker’s compensation claim and an expensive surgery bill. This put a strain on his marriage and Calvin’s wife began making him feel small, saying he “couldn’t even afford to pay a water bill without her.” This lit a fire inside Calvin that burned brighter than the fire around him, so he moved to the best place to rise from the ashes: Phoenix.

Celebrate with Us

At St. Joseph the Worker, we get to be part of so many transformative journeys but it is rare that we get to capture those on video and share them with you. Meet Jeff, one of our clients who's been in recovery since 2017 and is so appreciative to finally have a "big boy" job.

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Get Involved

There are so many ways to get more involved with St. Joseph the Worker. To start, explore the options below, and get in touch if you have any questions.