The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

Our Qualified Charitable Organization (QCO Code) is


The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit is not just a deduction; It actually reduces your overall state tax liability. Taking advantage of this empowers you to decide how and where your tax dollars are spent rather than allow the state to make that decision for you.

Claiming your Arizona Charitable Tax Credit is easy and straight-forward! There are no catches or hoops to jump through. Simply donate to your qualifying charity of choice, such as St. Joseph the Worker, fill out Arizona Form 321, and file it with your taxes. For your convenience, you can find Form 321 below.

Your donation is completely tax deductible dollar-for-dollar up to $421 if you are filing independently and up to $842 if you are filing jointly. In other words, for every dollar you donate, you’ll receive the same amount credited back to you, reducing your overall tax liability up to $842!

Know with 100% certainty that your tax dollars will be spent exactly how YOU want them spent! If you care about helping disadvantaged people find quality work, then donate to St. Joseph the Worker!