Are you looking for employment?

St. Joseph the Worker is here for you!

If you are looking for employment, please come into our office between 9am – 2pm Monday through Friday and bring two forms of ID. We will connect you with quality employers, regardless of your criminal history, past substance challenges, or current situation. We are here to help you! 

We support the following types of employment:

  • W2 Employment
  • Pay Minimum Wage or Higher
  • 25-40 Hours Per Week
  • Direct Hire (No Temp Agencies)
  • Not App-Based, Event-Based, Seasonal, or 1099

Employment Service Resources

Our services assist individuals who are serious about getting employed with more than just finding a quality job. Below is a list of the resources we offer.

One-on-One Job Coaching

Resume Support

Uniform Assistance


Basic Tools

Interview Preparation

Safety Equipment

Job Skills Certifications

Pathway to Self-Sufficiency

 At SJW, we focus on finding stable, quality employment that makes minimum $17 an hour and offers potential for growth. Check out the roadmap below to see how SJW can transform your life, whether you’re just starting out, re-entering the workforce, or are ready for a career opportunity.

Have you just found a job and need help with uniforms and transportation to keep your job?

If you have secured employment within the past 30 days, we want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed! All you have to do is provide us with valid proof of employment in the form of a recent pay stub or offer letter from the business, and we can provide you the support that you need. Offer letters can be emailed to [email protected].

Offer Letter Must Contain:

  • Your Full Name
  • Position / Job Title
  • Hours Per Week
  • Hourly Pay
  • Must Originate from Company (Non-Public) Domain Email Address
  • Start Date