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Workforce Villages is a transitional housing program for clients who are working a full-time job but facing housing insecurity. During the 90-day program, clients save 80% of their income in their own bank account and learn financial literacy skills. We also teach personal and food budgeting, meal prep and planning, and other vital life skills to be self-sufficient. We empower clients through accountability and education to better their lives and permanently escape the cycles of poverty and homelessness. To date, we have assisted 235 individuals gain their own apartment with a lease in their name upon completion of the program.

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Are you eligible?

Full-time employment
(working 35+ hours at a minimum of $17 per hour)

Save 80% of net earnings per pay period

Meet weekly with a housing specialist

Some felonies & paid evictions are accepted on a case-by-case basis

Pathways to Housing Security

All participants in our Workforce Villages Program receive all the resources we provide, as well as the following:

90 Days of Transitional Housing

Assistance Opening Checking & Savings Accounts

Budgeting and Financial Literacy

Credit Consultation & Review

Nutrition and Meal Planning

Weekly Meeting with a Specialist