Workforce Villages

Employment-Based Transitional Housing for Single Adults

We are not an emergency shelter. Please call 211 for an emergency shelter.

“I have a FT job but how can I save $4,500 to get my own apartment?”

Workforce Villages was created to provide a solution to this problem. With the average one bedroom in the Valley approaching $1,500 (including utilities), we are providing a critical pathway to self-sufficiency that has quality employment at the core. Without our program, the only other option can be a government voucher which in most cases has a maximum wage one can earn. Unfortunately, this creates the unintended consequence of stabilizing one’s housing but only managing their poverty and staying on government assistance for years.

Workforce Villages is a transitional housing program for clients who are working a full-time job but facing housing insecurity. During the 90-day program, clients save 80% of their net income in their own bank account and learn financial literacy skills. We also teach personal and food budgeting, meal prep and planning, and other vital life skills to be self-sufficient. We empower clients through accountability and education to better their lives and permanently escape the cycles of poverty and housing insecurity. We engage with graduates for 9 months post-graduation to ensure they have the support needed during their transition. To date, we have assisted 250 individuals gain their own apartment with a lease in their name upon completion of the program.

Workforce Housing and Training Combined

St. Joseph the Worker is offering a unique opportunity that combines housing and workforce training! While staying in housing, clients will participate in 5 days of unpaid hands-on training to be a commercial painter. Following this, clients can be hired on with a local commercial painter making $18/hour with the opportunity for wage growth. After 90 days of working and saving their income, clients will be able to secure an apartment! For additional requirements, click the button below.

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Are you eligible?

Full-time employment
(working 35+ hours at a minimum of $17 per hour)

Save 80% of net earnings per pay period

Meet weekly with a housing specialist

Some felonies & paid evictions are accepted on a case-by-case basis

Pathways to Housing Security

All participants in our Workforce Villages Program receive all the resources we provide, as well as the following:

90 Days of Transitional Housing

9 Months of Ongoing Support After Moving In

Budgeting and Financial Literacy

Credit Consultation & Review

Nutrition and Meal Planning

Weekly Meeting with a Specialist