Success Stories

At St. Joseph the Worker, we have a very special tradition. Every time one of our clients obtains a job, they ring the “Success Bell”. The whole office stops what they’re doing to celebrate our client and their new job. Read their stories here.

Joel’s Success Story

At 15, Joel left home. He began to experience homelessness and use substances. For 8 years, he bounced between couches and the streets of the Valley. Now he has a new job and a place to stay. … Read More

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Mitzi’s Success Story

At SJW, sometimes it’s the seemingly simple things that make a huge difference in our clients’ employment journeys. This was the case for Mitzi, who simply needed a computer and internet access to apply for jobs online. This, like many

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Clothilda’s Success Story

Clothilda has been working with St. Joseph the Worker since the summer of 2020, and has since become the first member of our Employment Bridge Program to purchase her own apartment!… Read More

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Jose Cropped

Jose is looking forward to stability in his new job

Sometimes, all we need is a little bit of the right kind of help to boost our confidence and get us going in the right direction. This year more than others, that is true. For all of us to rise above the challenges, we need to come together and support one another so that we can also achieve the successes.… Read More

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Jeremiah Gets An Apartment

Jeremiah Gets an Apartment

Jeremiah came to Phoenix in November looking for opportunity. After ending a toxic relationship back in New York, she wanted to start anew. Jeremiah left the east coast strictly on faith that things would be better in Arizona. She had

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Calvin Moore Featured

Calvin Moves Into His Own Apartment

Abuse, medical debt, and poverty were things Calvin had become accustomed to after a workplace injury left him with an unpaid worker’s compensation claim and an expensive surgery bill. This put a strain on his marriage and Calvin’s wife began making him feel small, saying he “couldn’t even afford to pay a water bill without her.” This lit a fire inside Calvin that burned brighter than the fire around him, so he moved to the best place to rise from the ashes: Phoenix.… Read More

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Jeff Mylander

Jeffrey’s Story

After years of battling substance abuse and having endured two prison sentences, Jeffrey has been sober and celebrating recover since 2017. We met Jeffrey years ago but due to the Coronavirus, Jeffrey needed a new job. Knowing we’d still be here for him, he called. This is is his story.… Read More

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