SJW helps homeless transitioning disadvantaged previously incarcerated people get jobs


not a

 hand out

At SJW, our mission is to connect the Valley’s disadvantaged, homeless, and transitioning individuals to quality jobs. We do this by providing support, resources, and tools necessary for becoming employable. SJW hopes that by creating this connection, they will become independent and lead healthier lives that benefit their community and families.
Remove Employment Barriers
We provide interview clothing, transportation, resume assistance, interview help, and more for those without even the most basic resources needed to get a job. The only thing they need is a willingness to work.
Connect Individuals to Opportunity
We connect people directly to quality jobs rather than to workshops and trainings.

We have relationships with dozens of employers to ensure more opportunities for livable wages, health insurance, and career advancement.
Empower Individual Success
The SJW program is based on the individual needs of each client. There are no cookie-cutter programs.
St. Joseph the Worker's

Core Values


We believe there is dignity in work.


We believe all people matter.


We restore hope through care, compassion, and purpose.


We exist to serve our client; they are our “why.”


We believe employment is key to a healthy community.


We express our love others through service.


We can’t do this alone.

The only way out of poverty is a paycheck

we want to work

 but don’t have the tools

In 1988, a group of André House volunteers serving dinner in the park responded to the cries of the homeless: “we want to work but don’t have the tools.” A few months later, Father Michael Baxter opened St. Joseph the Worker. Since that time, SJW has helped over 35,000 individuals experiencing homeless and other life transitions become employed. We continue to dispense the resources needed to remove employment barriers and create success.

First SJW Building
First SJW Building

SJW Success Stories

At St. Joseph the Worker, we have a very special tradition. Every time one of our clients obtains a job, they ring the “Success Bell”. The whole office stops what they’re doing to celebrate our client and their new job. You can read all their stories here.

Florence’s Success Story

Our clients come from all different types of backgrounds. Sometimes, we simply need a nudge in the right direction and the right resources to help along the way. For 35 years, our mission has been to connect the Valley’s disadvantaged,

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Meet Jeremy – He Rang the SJW Success Bell!

Jeremy has faced homelessness off and on for his whole life and moved to Arizona to better himself and get away from the situations and people holding him down. Jeremy was living in and out of shelters, always working but

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Tristan’s Success Story

Tristan had been living on the streets when he came to the Human Services Campus. Leaving Ohio at the age of 21, he came to Arizona to learn more about his late father.… Read More

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