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At SJW, it is our Mission to get our Valley community’s economically disadvantaged, homeless and those in life transitions or experiencing crisis, employed in quality jobs that will help them become healthy and independent individuals and contributing community members.

Remove Employment Barriers
What do you need to get a job?

Interview clothing, transportation, resume assistance, interview help, and more are not available to everybody. We provide all these things for our clients. The only thing they need to have is a willingness to work.
Connect Individuals to Opportunity
Unlike workforce programs, we connect people directly to quality jobs rather than to workshops and trainings.

We have vetted and built relationships with dozens of businesses in Phoenix to ensure our clients have more opportunities for livable wages, health insurance, and career advancement.
Empower Individual Success
We don't put our clients through a cookie-cutter program like many organizations. Instead, we provide each client with one-on-one job coaching to assist them on their unique employment journey.
About Us

Getting People Jobs is Our Job

for over
30 Years

Regardless of the economic climate, we believe that there are always available jobs for those who are willing to work. That’s why St. Joseph the Worker is currently the largest 100% community funded employment organization in Arizona, responsible for employing more individuals in real, paying jobs than any other workforce organization in Arizona.

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The only way out of poverty is a paycheck

"we want to
but don't have the tools"

In 1988, a group of individuals arrived at André House to receive a free meal and began voicing their frustrations about the lack of basic employment resources available to them, “we want to work but don’t have the tools.” Wanting to help those people and others like them, Father Michael Baxter opened St. Joseph the Worker a few months later to give people the resources they need to obtain quality employment.


Success Stories

At St. Joseph the Worker, we have a very special tradition; every time one of our clients obtains a job, they ring our "Success Bell". During this time, the whole office stops what they're doing (no matter what they're doing) and we celebrate their new employment with a hug, a handshake, and a story. Though you may not be able to ring the bell with them or give them a hug, you can read all their stories here.

Jeffrey’s Story

After years of battling substance abuse and having endured two prison sentences, Jeffrey has been sober and celebrating recover since 2017. We met Jeffrey years ago at his halfway house, but due to the Coronavirus, Jeffrey needed a new job. Knowing we’d still be here for him, he called. This is is his story.

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Calvin’s Story

After moving to Arizona to escape a life ruled by abuse and trauma, Calvin discovers our Employment Bridge Program. With our help and his willingness to work, Calvin pays off two of his debts, increases his credit score, and saves over $2,000.

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Rob overcomes his age to get a job

Though poverty is a profound tragedy no matter who it effects, for the elderly, it can be even more devastating than with other demographics. Read about Rob overcoming his age and finding a job with SJW.

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