We are thrilled to share that together with your support, we raised over $88,000, the most ever raised at a SJW Breakfast! 

These funds ensure that our critical employment support services continue to serve our neighbors in need. 

As Tim said, “St. Joseph the Worker gives without asking. They tell you what they have. They tell you what they can do for you. People need to understand that if they come here, they’re gonna get help and they will always get a chance to pay it forward because that’s what St. Joseph’s is about—it’s about making sure that somebody else is taken care of and can work.”

Thank you for keeping our employment bells ringing and for being a part of our community’s workforce solution.


client of the year

Re-watch the impactful video in which Tim and Blake share their employment stories and to also hear from Jeff Riley of Thermo King West explain how St. Joseph the Worker’s mission benefits the community:






Rick DeBruhl


Jarrett R. Ransom

Jarrett Ransom


“Don’t be discouraged, don’t doubt yourself, and don’t be afraid to reach out for help.”
— Antonio



Please join us in congratulating Antonio on his first year of full-time employment and stability in his own apartment after 30 years of unsheltered living.

Prior to this year of success, Antonio had been living unhoused since 1991, moving from city to city, and arrived here in the Valley a little over 20 years ago, surviving in various parks, public spaces, and in shelters as they were available. Once connected with the Human Services Campus, Antonio secured his ID from the Homeless ID Project, got his meals at St. Vincent de Paul and more.

Our team here at St. Joseph the Worker helped Antonio craft an effective resume that helped him move from working multiple temporary jobs to full-time employment at the Renaissance Hotel in July of 2021. With a permanent job, Antonio then qualified for SJW’s Workforce Villages program in August of 2021 and shared that he’d finally felt safe and hopeful for his future. His three-month stay in the Workforce Villages transitional housing program enabled him to shower daily, arrive to work with clean clothes, learn how to budget, save for his own apartment, and rebuild his life.

Today, Antonio continues to thrive in his own apartment—the first he’s had in over 30 years! We’re not sure who is more appreciative of the time we’ve had working alongside each other because Antonio is one of the most friendly and joyful individuals we have met.

Matt is a truly special person to St. Joseph the Worker and makes a significant impact within our community.

Matt Feeney


Matt Feeney has been integral to St. Joseph the Worker since our very beginning. As part of a group in 1983 who saw our community’s deep need for a service that breaks barriers to employment and help get people to work, Matt helped to legally incorporate St. Joseph the Worker and served as Chair on our Board of Directors for many years.

Today, Matt remains passionate about the mission of St. Joseph the Worker and produces a wonderful concert each year that raises funds that support our mission while further building up our community. To date, the feeney/winthrop concerts have raised over $500,000 for St. Joseph the Worker.

What he loves most is how supporting others in this way brings people with diverse political views, and religious affiliations, and backgrounds together as we work towards one common goal.

On behalf of our entire SJW team and clients, we extend our gratitude to Wilson Electric for the ongoing support they provide to our mission and community.


St. Joseph the Worker and Wilson Electric have had a multifaceted relationship for the past five years. Wilson Electric is 100% employee owned and give so much back to our community through volunteering, monetary donations, and in-kind services.

What began as regular donations of job-related tools to our newly employed clients has evolved into their team becoming a generous sponsor of our Celebration of the Worker Breakfast and valued contributor to our Annual Sundt Thirst Aid water drive each year.

Recently, their team re-wired our entire Mesa office free of charge, providing safe and reliable electricity throughout prior to its opening—we are thrilled that they will be doing the same for our 5800 office during its upcoming renovations.

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