Success Stories

At St. Joseph the Worker, we have a very special tradition. Every time one of our clients obtains a job, they ring the “Success Bell”. The whole office stops what they’re doing to celebrate our client and their new job. Read their stories here.

Jeffrey’s Story

After years of battling substance abuse and having endured two prison sentences, Jeffrey has been sober and celebrating recover since 2017. We met Jeffrey years ago but due to the Coronavirus, Jeffrey needed a new job. Knowing we’d still be here for him, he called. This is is his story.

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Calvin’s Story

After moving to Arizona to escape a life ruled by abuse and trauma, Calvin discovers our Employment Bridge Program. With our help and his willingness to work, Calvin paid off two of his debts, increased his credit score, and saved over $2,000.

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Rob overcomes his age to get a job

Though poverty is a profound tragedy no matter who it effects, for the elderly, it can be even more devastating. Read about Rob overcoming his barrier of age and successfully finding a job through SJW.

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Jeffrey’s Success Story

Not long after being the caretaker of a handicapped woman, Jeff became homeless. Luckily, he found his way to SJW and is now getting back on his feet with his new job.

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Chekosi’s Success Story

Chekosi grew up in the Projects in Chicago. He has been homeless and struggling with addiction for the last six years. He moved to Arizona to start over, found SJW and landed a job as a welder with our help.

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Nigel Finds Confidence in his Job Searching Skills

Having had his first job at the age of 16, Nigel shared that, through the years, he felt he wasn’t offered jobs because he didn’t interview well. SJW helped him with that skill so that he would be more confident while interviewing period. He got a new job!

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