Rob Overcomes His Age to Get a Job

 Though poverty is a profound tragedy no matter who it effects, for the elderly, it can be even more devastating than with other demographics. Gone are the days when a small pension or social security could provide full support for an elderly individual. Now, becoming aged can mean food insecurity, less access to healthcare, financial devastation through more medical bills, and restricted access to transportation and the ability to get around. Being “retired” usually means you have to find work to supplement your existence of you will soon be homeless and/or choosing between paying for food or paying your energy bill.

This is Rob.  A capable elderly gentleman who needed to work and was grateful to get hired at OnTarget Staffing with the help of St. Joseph the Worker. He came into SJW to ring that bell, get a week’s worth appropriate work clothes – jeans, polo shirts, socks and a hygiene kit, and a monthly bus pass to ensure his ability to get to and from work, and he started his job the very next day! His position is nearly full time at 36 hours/ week, with a starting wage of $12.00/ hour. His pension and SSI benefits take care of his health insurance, so he does not receive benefits with this position, though they would have been offered.

When asked, “What does a job mean to you?”, his answer was concise and to the point, much like Rob himself – “Dignity, Value, Worth.”

Rob served in the Air force for 17 ½ years, and after that, life happened. He is now staying in the St. Vincent de Paul weather relief shelter as he waits for stable housing. He was able to do his intake, go to OnTarget for his interview, and land this new job in a matter of 36 hours!

For over 30 years, St. Joseph the Worker has been singularly focused on connecting those who need employment most with the jobs that will help them rebuild their lives and become self-sufficient members of society. We know that a job is the only real way out of poverty and homelessness, and we are more committed than ever to getting people back to work and “Transforming Lives through Employment.” Thank you for supporting SJW and our clients and making this type of life transformation possible!