Jose is looking forward to stability in his new job

Sometimes, all we need is a little bit of the right kind of help to boost our confidence and get us going in the right direction. This year more than others, that is true. For all of us to rise above the challenges, we need to come together and support one another so that we can also achieve the successes. SJW is committed to being that for our community when it comes to employment. For over 30 years, we have existed to do one thing – connect those who are struggling and need it most, to the jobs that will help them become economically healthy and self-sufficient. It is our passion and our privilege to help in this way. And we welcome anyone who is struggling with becoming employed into any of our offices to get the help they need.

Jose first came into SJW’s 5800 N. 19th Avenue office in February. He had been unemployed for over a month and really needed to get back to work. His bills were stacking up. Getting right down to business, the team at SJW 5800 immediately helped Jose create an updated resume, gave him 3 job leads and a gas card to help cover his transportation expenses getting back and forth to interviews. He had an interview that didn’t work out, but encouraged by the support he was now receiving, he didn’t give up! Jose came back into SJW and used the computer lab to do more job searching and kept sending his resume out. Soon, he got an interview with logistics giant, Prologistix, and he got the job! He will be working in a Shamrock Farms warehouse making $17.50/hour with full benefits after 90days!! To be able to start his new job, SJW also provided Jose with work clothes, work shoes, and another gas card to help him cover costs until he receives his first paycheck.

What does a job mean to Jose? “Stability and responsibility”.

I know it’s really hard to find a job after not being employed for a while. All you need is someone like St. Joseph the Worker to help you step into the right path
Jose Cropped
Shamrock Farms

We thank you for your continued support of our mission and our work. At SJW, we have always known that having a job and earning a paycheck are fundamental for one’s health and wellbeing. A job is a financial necessity, but it is also a means to dignity, self-confidence, community, and hope for the kinds of lives we all want to live. We are so grateful to our community for believing in our mission and supporting our work. Without you, thousands more Arizonans would still be homeless, unemployed, in poverty and despair. Thank you for partnering with us and “Transforming Lives through Employment!”