Jeremiah Gets an Apartment

Jeremiah came to Phoenix in November looking for opportunity. After ending a toxic relationship back in New York, she wanted to start anew. Jeremiah left the east coast strictly on faith that things would be better in Arizona. She had heard of the opportunity and financial gains that Phoenix had to offer. She arrived at the Human Services Campus and shortly thereafter enrolled in St. Joseph the Worker for assistance in finding employment. Within a week of her intake, she landed a job working at Amazon. This is the first time Jeremiah has experienced homelessness. 

Being so young, and new to the experience of homelessness, finding stable housing became crucial so that she could maintain her position at Amazon, and get out of the shelter where she was staying. Her employment specialist recommended her to St. Joseph the Worker’s Employment Bridge Program (EBP). She was interviewed and screened for the program and moved from shelter to the Phoenix Inn on November 17th. Jeremiah’s goals perfectly aligned with the goals St. Joseph the Worker sets for Bridge participants – save money and land her own apartment. 

Additionally, Jeremiah wanted the chance to take control of her own life and not let another dictate her path. While participating in the Bridge Program, she took the chance to explore how to turn her passions into a career. Jeremiah applied, interviewed, and was hired for a caregiving position while still working at Amazon. She respectfully submitted her two weeks’ notice upon learning she was hired for the caregiving position. She successfully maintained the full-time warehouse position and the part time caregiving position at the same time and she triumphantly transitioned into full-time caregiving work at the end of her two-week notice. Over the course of three months, Jeremiah saved over $4,000. 

This afternoon, Jeremiah is moving into her apartment. The first she has ever held on her own. She continues to work as a caregiver and save money. Congratulations on all your success Jeremiah!