Jeffrey’s Success Story

Though originally from Illinois – where most of his family still resides, Jeffrey has lived most of his life in Arizona. At one time he was both employed and living in his own place. But life decisions being what they are, he was evicted after complaints were received about there being too much traffic in and out of his apartment. He soon became a caregiver to a handicapped woman and lived with her until she ended up being evicted as well. Jeffrey was unemployed and became homeless. Since January 2020, his residence has been a public park at 28th street and Indian School. From being homeless and on the street, he lost all of his personal documents, and with them went all feeling of hope that he could get his life back. He gave up.

Fortunately, Human Services Campus partner Community Bridges Inc. (CBI) found Jeffrey as part of their outreach program. They helped him obtain replacement documents for those that had been lost, which allowed him to obtain employment! Hired on with Hire Quest, he needed work boots before he could start his job. SJW to the rescue! We assisted Jeffrey with getting his work boots and provided him with a 31-day bus pass so that he would have reliable transportation to and from his new job.

Jeffrey came in to ring the bell with a big smile on his face! He is very excited to start work today!

I am grateful, and I hope that he can continue to move forward and get back to where he used to be
Jeffrey Bainter success

Jeffrey says he is wiser now, “I learned my lessons. It’s about me.” And we couldn’t agree more. Our clients make or break their own success. SJW is just here to empower them to be successful. And we were very happy to be here today for Jeffrey!


To each and every one of you who supports SJW in both “big” and “small” ways – your time, talent and treasure are the reason that Jeffrey got his boots and could start his new job. You are the foundation beneath each of our clients’ success! On behalf of Jeffrey, the SJW Team and our Board of Directors, thank you for caring!