Meet Jeremy – He Rang the SJW Success Bell!

Jeremy has faced homelessness off and on for his whole life and moved to Arizona to better himself and get away from the situations and people holding him down. Jeremy was living in and out of shelters, always working but struggling to keep a job and find stability. 

Jeremy connected with St. Joseph the Worker last year and put in the work to turn his life around with the support of our Workforce Villages program. Knowing that he had a safe & consistent place to lay his head every night, shower & dress clean for work, and enjoy meals, Jeremy achieved job stability and was even promoted, first from a contract employee to permanent, then to a team lead. During his stay at Workforce Villages, Jeremy was able to save more than $6,000, overcome his lack of confidence, and he learned a lot about himself. 

Today, Jeremy has settled into his very own apartment, remains employed, and has begun working with his daughter’s mother to successfully co-parent his little girl.   

Jeremy’s message for others facing similar challenges is to “never give up on yourself, it’s possible to overcome. You just have to keep moving forward.” 

Join us in wishing Jeremy the best of luck—we know he will go far as he continues to work hard to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness for himself and his daughter.  

Congratulations, Jeremy!
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