Everyone makes mistakes in life. If you’ve been convicted of a crime, don’t give up hope on getting a job. St Joseph the Worker can provide you with all the tips and tricks necessary to gain sustainable employment. 

The most important part of job searching when you are justice involved is being honest. Employers need to know about your background to determine whether they will hire you. It’s much better to be honest and explain what you learned from your experience. Highlighting the positive takeaways from your past can help an employer know that you’ve grown and it’s behind you. While you do have a past, you have made reparations for your crimes, whether that be sentenced time or restitution and community supervision. 

Lets look at an example:

Joe has recently been released from prison for a paraphernalia charge and a DUI. Joe comes to St Joseph the Worker to find a job. We talk through Joe’s criminal history and work experience. We then find Joe job leads that match his situation, meaning that we only provide job leads that will accept his background. Joe then goes and applies to these places. When he gets an interview, he is honest about his past. By explaining that he went through addiction but is now clean, Joe is able to show the potential employer that he is doing better now and is ready to dedicate himself to the work at hand. Because Joe is honest and up front, he gains trust and scores the job.

What about if your crime involves violence or theft? That’s okay too. At St Joseph the Worker, we help everyone regardless of their criminal history. Employers are willing to give people a second chance if you can prove to them you are ready to learn and eager to show up every day with a good attitude. Job opportunities when you have a felony include violence or theft charges include: manufacturing, warehouse work, and skilled trade jobs that are commercial. Building a career is still possible, regardless of such charges.


Having said this, getting told no is part of finding employment. Rejection is part of the process for everyone. Having the dedication to persevere make all the difference in finding a job, and in your success once you get a job.

How can I get assistance?

As always, St Joseph the Worker is here to help. Stop by our office today to get help with job searching! We provide assistance with resume writing, job leads, and transportation to help you find your next job.  No appointment is required. You will walk out of our office with a resume, three job leads, interview clothing and transportation, and we will coach you in interviewing well and answer any other questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to call 844-SJW-JOBS (844-759-5627) today to find out more about how St Joseph the Worker can help you!