To help you find success in work and life, we asked wellness experts and business leaders this question for their best inspirational advice. From betting on yourself to discovering happiness daily, there are several recommendations that may help you thrive for the rest of your career. 

Here are 11 tips for a successful career and life:

  • Bet on Yourself
  • Envision Life as a Journey
  • Prioritize Work-Life Balance
  • Nurture a Balanced Mindset
  • Embrace Your Distinctiveness
  • Discover Happiness Daily
  • Nurture Overall Fulfillment
  • Find Your Flow State
  • Foster Good Habits
  • Don’t Limit Yourself
  • Ask for Opportunities

Bet on Yourself

Investing in yourself is always the secret sauce to finding success in both your personal and professional life. Seek out opportunities and experiences that will make you feel more confident about your skill set whether that is attending seminars, enrolling in courses, or finding a mentor. When in doubt, you need to be able to bet on yourself and feel confident in doing so!


Brad Sacks, More Than Gourmet

Envision Life as a Journey

The quality of our feelings equals the quality of our thinking, and this is what I live by to find success in work and life. Emotions and thoughts are powerful forces that shape our realities day by day. By seeing life more as a journey of continuous discovery and less as a quest to find answers, one sees the positive elements that lead to success more clearly—and the easier it will be to go on such a path.

Gregory Drambour, Sedona Retreats

Prioritize Work-Life Balance

I believe the secret to finding success in work and life is finding the balance between the two that work best for you through time management and prioritization. Over the past year, we have seen an increase in the negative effects of work burnout, and we see that too much work does not lead to success. Set boundaries in your work and home lives so you can maximize your work potential and still foster healthy lifestyle choices and relationships.

Adam Korbl, iFax

Nurture a Balanced Mindset

My secret to having success in life and work is knowing it’s a mindset. If you feel successful, you will create success. I work on my mindset every day, which involves visualizing what I want and seeing myself being successful while doing it. Also, knowing how to blend the two selves, personal and professional, allows me to feel connected in both. For example, I only have one calendar that keeps me focused throughout the day and evening. 


Jenn Christie, Markitors

Embrace Your Uniqueness

I’ve done lots of self-discovery of various types, from education to assessments, and have gotten very familiar with my unique combination of traits, preferences, tendencies, and interests. And I finally found and created the career of my dreams. Because of this, I’m nurtured and validated by my work every day instead of drained by it.


Jinnie Lee Schmid, Change Navigators

Discover Happiness Daily

My secret to finding success in work and in life is no secret — it’s simple, happiness. Many people chase success with the belief that when they achieve it, they will be happy. But I believe that happiness is what actually breeds success. Therefore, I focus on my day-to-day contentment and do things that allow me to stay positive, energetic, and engaged daily. For me, finding success in work and life is really about personal fulfillment, and it will be personal to you.


Shana Hall, Aurelle

Nurture Overall Fulfillment

Finding success in both work and life is never completely easy, but one thing that really helps is to be honest with yourself about the things that you really care about and love to do, despite what others may think. Pursue a career that you are passionate about and engage in hobbies outside of work that you truly enjoy. Creating fulfillment in all parts of your life is definitely a great achievement.


Mike Pasley, Famous IRL


Find Your Flow State

Discovering your zone can directly contribute to the use of your time. It helps you reach an optimal state of consciousness when you feel and perform your best. If you haven’t been able to feel this, then take breaks and take care of your creative health until you are able to perform at your highest.

Nina Jensen, 8×8

Foster Good Habits

Good habits are essential to success in life and business. Using good project management software and staying organized helps people commit to their habit streak by reducing their ability to give in to laziness. This dedication to healthy habits and organization is how I persevere through any business roadblock — like when I was told our packaging was “too feminine” and had to use lean agile development processes to prove our gender-neutral marketing was the way to go. The results speak for themselves. We’re one of the fastest-growing digital beverage brands in the USA!


Vincent Bradley, Proper Wild

Don’t Limit Yourself

If you really want to “have it all,” as they say, do not limit yourself by preconceived ideas of what can or cannot work. From my experience as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that there is no reason why one’s work life and personal life cannot co-exist harmoniously. In fact, when our co-founder and I both found out that we were pregnant soon after beginning to build our business, we didn’t let pregnancy hold us back. Despite the doubters, we just went for it anyway. Even to this day, now that our business has taken off, we still engage in a lifestyle where we combine both work-life and family life with balance and flexibility.

Ming Zhao, Proven Skincare

Ask for Opportunities

You miss every shot you don’t take, right? Whether it’s a promotion, a raise, or extra responsibilities within your team, you have to ask for the opportunity instead of assuming your hard work will be noticed. Everyone struggles with self-doubt, but instead of letting doubt takeover and skipping the shot entirely or deciding to hail-mary from down the field, you’ve got to set up your shot, get in a scoring position. To do that, you ultimately need to do the work so you have clear supporting data demonstrating why you deserve to take this next step. Once you have that data, present it to whomever the decision-making body is, and it will be impossible for them or you, to deny your impact and value. 

Rachel Geicke, Snow Monkey