St. Joseph the Worker Feast Day 2015

The Feast of St. Joseph the Worker and the Dignity of Work
Have you ever experienced the frustration and despair of being out of work? If not, try to imagine the fear and anxiety that comes from falling behind on bills or struggling to provide for your family. There are thousands of people in our own community who have found themselves in this situation, a position in which we each could potentially find ourselves someday. The Feast of St. Joseph the Worker is a time to recognize the dignity that comes along with hard work and the ways in which we all benefit from it.

What’s Special about the Dignity of Work?
Whether through a series of unfortunate events, being laid off, making financial mistakes, or any other cause you can think of, people can find themselves feeling ashamed or embarrassed by lengthy periods of joblessness. For many, this is not the way they want to live their lives. As a homeless individual stated in a 1988 Andre House soup line, “we want jobs, but we don’t have the tools.”

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Consider this story about a man named Dave, whose sense of confidence and self-worth had been damaged by the stigma of unemployment. Without a means to make a living, he felt that he was not in control of his life. It was through the assistance of St. Joseph the Worker that Dave was able to acquire the tools necessary to rejoin the workforce and regain his dignity.
While the individual is of obvious value to the workforce, the work is perhaps of even more value to the individual. It gives people a sense of purpose because they’re afforded the opportunity to put to use the skills and talents they’ve been blessed with.

How Can I Help Others Experience the Dignity of Work?
We’re called to love our neighbors and one of the best ways in which we can do that is to help them realize their value and potential. The results of a helping hand are longer lasting when that hand encourages personal growth and self-sufficiency. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your neighbor.

On May 1st, you can help St. Joseph the Worker honor those who have gone above and beyond to affect these changes in the lives of others. In observance of the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, please click here to make a donation to continue to support the work St. Joseph the Worker does in our community.