Scott secured full time employment

St. Joseph the Worker partners with agencies at more than a dozen program sites to deliver comprehensive job development services, meeting employable individuals where they are and successfully helping them to find work.

Scott learned of St. Joseph the Worker while in a program of recovery, working to overcome the chaos, disruption, and homelessness caused by his alcoholism. The recovery program equipped Scott with the basic necessities to start his new life, such as housing, meals, and transportation to and from meetings to develop a sober support system. In the program, Scott found solid ground upon which to adopt a manner of living conducive to maintaining permanent sobriety.

Scott was eager to meet with St. Joseph the Worker’s staff and begin the work needed to secure employment. Scott received help writing his resume and cover letter. He grew more confident with each practiced mock interview. He carefully reviewed each job lead provided and submitted an average of 25 applications a day. Scott was provided professional clothing to present well on his job search. He received bus passes for transportation to and from interviews.

Scott utilized all the services St. Joseph the Worker provided through the on-site employment partnership. Scott secured full-time employment working in a job tailored for his background and experience. He began sharing how St. Joseph the Worker made a difference in his employment success and encouraged new residents of the recovery program to utilize the employment services offered.

With the combined support of his sobriety program and St. Joseph the Worker, Scott successfully transitioned back to housing, work, and family life having a new found sense of self-esteem, direction, and purpose.