Mistakes happen

Mistakes happen. As Gary learned, it doesn’t take much to transform an indiscretion into a criminal record. Gary was incarcerated for two years due to his past mistakes. Upon release, Gary knew how important getting and keeping that first job would be. He was eager to once again become a law abiding, tax-paying citizen with a job.

Someone at the halfway house told him there was a person at Paz de Cristo that could help him with employment. That person was St. Joseph the Worker’s Job Developer, who specializes in helping people with a past criminal record obtain and maintain employment.

Gary came in and did an intake right away. St. Joseph the Worker provided Gary with jobs leads and access to a computer to submit employment applications. He received help with his resume and practice interview techniques that dealt honestly with his past offense. To support him with interviews, St. Joseph the Worker provided Gary with professional clothing, hygiene items, and bus passes for transportation. This allowed him to put his best foot forward, show confidence and fortitude that he can perform the job and clearly state why the employer should hire him.

Within one week, Gary had an employment offer for a full-time position in construction. To help him meet the job requirements, St. Joseph the Worker provided him with a gift card to Payless Shoes to buy work boots. Gary is very excited to have this job, and is determined to work hard and make himself the best worker in the place. His is always on time, cares about his job, respects his co-workers and supervisors and shows a real interest in succeeding.

Gary is looking forward to moving into his own place and he knows this first job is the beginning of that journey. Gary now shares with others who arrive at the halfway house, “If you want a job, go see the person from St. Joseph the Worker at Paz De Cristo. They can help.”