Mike Hayes of Momentum Staffing writes about visit to SJW.

St. Joseph the Worker was featured in a blog written by Mike Hayes of Momentum Staffing, who recently visited our office! Thanks, Mike!

“Since I don’t really work in this space, I decided to go and visit St. Joseph the Worker ( www.sjwjobs.org) after a friend told me about the service. This is a non-profit staffing company for the indigent and homeless population of Phoenix. They offer job search, resume help, clothes and basic toiletries to help folks get back on their feet.
I didn’t know what to expect when I sat in on their 3 hour Job Readiness Workshop. Here they spend time coaching people on how to behave and look for jobs (sound familiar?). The 33 page handout they give out was one of the best documents on job hunting I have read in a long time. It was written by Nina Lindsey, the Program director and covered all facets of the job search from dress, resumes, how to sit, stupid things not to say etc.
I can honestly say that this should be taught in every high school throughout the country. This is the type of valuable info that is not disseminated throughout the populace. During the class, I heard all the same ‘boners’ people say and do in my office. I liked the way people laughed at some of the examples given of poor job search behavior. These folks were not the ‘bums’ you see looking through dumpsters in the middle of the night. They were mostly regular people caught up in the awful economy that put them on the poverty rolls.
Try to think about this when you are sitting in the cool AC of your home as these folks are lining up to find beds, eat, take a shower, get bus passes and then start over the next day. We are not talking about a foreign country here….it’s right down the street from your neighborhood.