Llubia celebrates her employment success

Save the Family Collaboration – Llubia Garcia

Llubia, a very motivated transitional client, has been on fire since entering the program in December 2013. In 7 weeks, she accomplished the following:
·        Attended multiple adult classes – nutrition, healthy ties, knowing your taxes,  & Job Club
·        Established childcare
·        Enrolled her children in the Youth Enrichment & Achievement program
·        Managed her TANF benefits to meet her family’s needs
·        Maintained a clean unit
·        Utilized the Career Development Center (CDC) almost daily
·        Participated in mock interviews in the CDC
·        Revised her resume with the help of St. Joseph the Worker
·        Took and passed her Food Handler’s test in the CDC
·        Traveled to Phoenix to pick up the actual Food Handler’s card
·        Maintained a positive attitude!
She was interviewing almost 2 times per week until a local hospital offered her a full time position earning $8.76/hour. Way to go! Although excited, Llubia stated in order to support her family, higher wages were necessary. She continued to job search as her start date at the hospital was a few weeks away. Low and behold, she obtains a new offer at $12/hour working as a Dispatcher. Unbelievable!

Despite her challenge of job searching with a misdemeanor, she didn’t let that stop her!  Llubia is celebrating her employment success!

She is determined to transition out the program and find housing for her children ages 13, 7, and 2. When asked what advice she has for other clients, she stated,
“Take advantage of the resource. Be thankful, not everyone gets this chance! I always tell my kids, when you set out to do something, you do it all the way.”

Save the Family thanks St. Joseph the Worker (SJW) for their assistance in helping Llubia and her family work towards self-sufficiency. After obtaining the new job, we were able to support her with the monthly bus pass SJW provides to our working clients. We appreciate our collaboration!