An impressive resume

By the time Stacey found herself at St. Joseph the Worker, she had already lost everything she spent the last decade of her life building. Despite an impressive resume with experience as an administrative assistant doing clinical research, she was having difficulty finding employment. She was sleeping at the emergency shelter with hundreds of other women every night. But Stacey came to St. Joseph the Worker determined to find work and was focused on her job search. She already had an updated resume with references and a strong cover letter. But she lacked the right clothes and a way to secure transportation to job interviews. That is where St. Joseph the Worker steps in.

St. Joseph the Worker helped Stacey by giving her several outfits that were appropriate to the level of position that she was looking for. She received guidance from her job developer about open positions and bus passes to make sure she could travel around town. Within 3 weeks, she had an interview with Chase Bank, who immediately knew that she was something special and hired her the next week.

Exactly a year after her ordeal began, Stacey was back in her own apartment; one that was located a short 10 minute walk from her job.

Even though Stacey had the skills and the determination, she did not have the tools to land a job. St. Joseph the Worker provided her with these tools; tools that not only helped her get the job, but get back into permanent housing and self-sufficiency.