Holly's Story - March 2016

It was a cold and damp December day when twenty-eight year old Holly was released from the state penitentiary, having served six months of her twelve month sentence for a felony conviction. Just days before Christmas, Holly was eager to move into the halfway house in Mesa, but at the same time, anxious about desperately needing a job during the holidays.

Holly’s case worker referred her to Carol at St. Joseph the Worker. Holly and Carol sat down and assessed Holly’s employment needs and created an action plan. The restrictions of parole, half-way house financial requirements, as well as being able to answer difficult job interview questions, are all areas St. Joseph the Worker ‘s highly trained professional developers support with a positive, healthy, and honest perspective and simple, direct plan.

Overcoming unemployment, let alone coupled with a recent felony to explain can appear daunting, and Holly was no exception. Carol knew Holly’s carefully drafted action plan was not much more than a piece of paper without the self-confidence to follow it. Failure to find a job in time would have so many negative repercussions, the anxiety of missing deadlines can be crippling. Reassurance for Holly came in the form of encouragement and excitement about the job leads they were able to match with her job skills, and bus passes to job-search. But St. Joseph the Worker’s job development program didn’t stop there. When Holly presented herself to an employer, she was also now armed with the assurance she could confidently commit to have appropriate attire, uniforms, safety equipment, or tools, as well as transportation in the form of a monthly bus pass.

Holly was hired within the week, providing customer service for a local company. Holly has transformed her life by getting this job. But equally as important, she is empowered to continue to build her future with the self-esteem and dignity that employment brings. Her new life is off to an amazing start!