Just give me a chance

St. Joseph the Worker helps individuals overcome all types of employment barriers. Todd experienced a traumatic brain injury twenty-four years ago and received right side paralysis as a result. This has had an effect on both his speech and ability to type. Todd explains “Employers look at me and view me as a liability. Or they think ‘His brain can’t work that fast’. Unless they give me a chance, they won’t know what I have to offer.”

Despite his disability, Todd always arrived at St. Joseph the Worker with a positive, upbeat attitude. He was in the office first thing in the morning, researching job leads and submitting his resume. Although Todd had a difficult time typing, he took advantage of the computer lab to practice and steadily improved his words per minute. He was provided hygiene, clothing, and transportation to interview. His perseverance alone was extremely impressive.

St. Joseph the Worker was elated when Todd obtained employment as a Customer Service Representative where he will be responsible for receiving telephone calls focusing on answering customer inquiries. Obtaining a job such as this one is very impressive because it requires excellent oral communication as well computer skills. According to Todd, “I am able to overcome by challenging my own ability. I try to be better than or at least equal to the next guy [I’m up against]”.

Todd worked very hard to overcome his employment barriers and can now utilize these skills towards a quality job, and move forward in his journey towards self-sustainability.