How empowered Dave felt

When Dave first enrolled with St. Joseph the Worker, lack of employment had spiraled him into homelessness and damaged his resilience, self-esteem and self-confidence. But after a couple of months he began to open up a bit more.

Dave followed up on an employment lead that was given to him by his job developer. St. Joseph the Worker assisted Dave with obtaining his Food Handler’s Card and walking shoes for his new job working in Janitorial Service. His self-esteem increased exponentially when he became gainfully employed.

St. Joseph the Worker understands how empowered clients feel to have some control of their lives again. For this reason, clients are encouraged to share their employment success with a quote and photo displayed on the Client Success TV.

The most memorable moment working with Dave came when he returned to the office a few days after verifying employment, just to see his picture on the Client Success TV. When he did see it, he had a big smile on his face and came into his job developer’s office to let him know that he had seen his picture. Employment ultimately gave Dave back his dignity and self-worth.

Dave reached his goal of obtaining his own housing. He successfully used the services that were offered by St. Joseph the Worker to his advantage to end his homelessness.