Transforming lives through employment

St. Joseph the Worker’s mission is to help remove barriers by providing the resources necessary to gain and maintain employment. We offer our clients a hand up, not a hand out—building on their strengths and helping to reduce or eliminate any barriers to employment.

In Fiscal Year 13/14, St. Joseph the Worker achieved the following successes:

  • Helped 2,457 people go back to work, averaging nearly 200 every month!
  • $9.55 an hour was the starting pay rate
  • 39% of the jobs offered benefits
  • More than 2,800 different individuals received services ranging from one-on-one job search assistance, job-readiness resources and referrals, as well as encouragement and support to pursue a self-sufficient lifestyle

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 We help individuals return to the workforce and become self-sufficient, productive members of society.