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St. Joseph the Worker offers services to low-income and homeless individuals in the Phoenix area seeking employment.  The men and women who turn to St. Joseph the Worker often have multiple barriers to finding employment.

St. Joseph the Worker’s mission is to help remove these barriers by providing the resources necessary to gain and maintain employment. We offer our clients a hand up, not a hand out—building on their strengths and helping to reduce or eliminate any barriers to employment.

In Fiscal Year 13/14, St. Joseph the Worker achieved the following successes:

  • Helped 2,457 people go back to work, averaging nearly 200 every month!
  • $9.55 an hour was the starting pay rate
  • 39% of the jobs offered benefits
  • More than 3,800 different individuals received services ranging from one-on-one job search assistance, job-readiness resources and referrals, as well as encouragement and support to pursue a self-sufficient lifestyle

Nearly 1,600 different employers found qualified candidates at St. Joseph the Worker last year. If you are an employer and want information about how to get help with your workforce needs by utilizing St. Joseph the Worker, recruit your workforce today!

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 We help individuals return to the workforce and become self-sufficient, productive members of society.